Livestream Event • June 11, 2020

For A/E buyers, sellers and investors navigating the new normal

The COVID-19 crisis and associated “economic pause” have impacted the AE and environmental industry and how it’s consolidating. The pace of deal-making in the U.S. has slowed 10% over last year’s record-setting pace. Mergers have slowed — but they haven’t stopped. The fundamental factors that were driving record M&A activity prior to the COVID crisis remain in place. And they will serve to accelerate consolidation as the industry adjusts to a new normal.

M&A will be “different” in the short-term. Some markets– such as healthcare and public infrastructure, for example, will be hotter than others. Firms serving those sectors will be in higher demand. Some regional economies will come back online sooner – making them relatively more attractive for buyers.

This livestream edition of our popular M&A Symposium provides the first opportunity for buyers, sellers and investors to see how industry deal-making has changed nationally as a result of the pandemic and learn what lies ahead for the balance of the year and beyond. Seven bespoke sessions during the day cover all of the important topics including (1) M&A Trends, (2) Deal Pricing (3) Deal Structuring (4) Deal Closing (5) Buyers Perspective and Outlook, (6) Integration and (7) Q&A with M&A Experts and Panelists.

Three ways to access the Symposium!

  1. Join live for the entire day and access all of the sessions. Get all of the latest M&A information in real time and ask your questions of the experts and panelists along the way. Best pricing!
  2. Choose which session you want to access live. If you just want to know how deal pricing is changing as a result of this market, just purchase that session.
  3. Can’t join live? Then access recordings of each of the sessions when it’s convenient for you after the livestream event.

Virtual Networking

Attendees love our regional M&A Symposiums for the opportunity to network with buyers, potential sellers, peer and investors. Our national livestream event provides you with “virtually” the same opportunity. When you register click the “opt in” option to be connected virtually with the largest national AE & environmental community of M&A decision-makers.

Symposium Agenda

Session 1: Trends and Impacts

  • How this crisis will reshape the AE & Environmental industry
  • Buy-side and sell-side drivers and concerns in the crisis
  • Preferred services and markets in 2020
  • Regional impacts
  • How publicly traded buyers are changing up their approach
  • How private equity is forging ahead in 2020
  • Who are the most active buyers now and what types of firms they are looking to acquire
  • Where the M&A market is headed for the balance of 2020 and in 2021
  • What sellers should be doing now

Session 2: Deal Valuations and Pricing

  • Deal pricing in 2020
  • Valuation methodologies in turbulent times… and beyond
  • The impact of the pandemic on valuations
  • Where valuations are now – by region, firm type and firm size
  • Key valuation clues that buyers are looking at now
  • How buyers and sellers should view fair value in this market
  • What sellers should be doing now to build value

Session 3: Deal Structuring

  • How does this new business environment impact the approach to deal structuring?
  • New buyer and seller considerations when structuring a transaction
  • CARES Act – AE industry relevant tax and regulatory updates impacting your deal
  • PPP Loan and forgiveness considerations and trends
  • What should sellers be aware of?

Session 4: Deal Closing

  • How buyers and sellers are managing a riskier environment to get deals across the finish line
  • Innovations in due diligence when on-site meetings cannot happen
  • How letters of intent and purchase and sale agreements are changing due to the crisis
  • How representations and warranties are taking on new importance
  • What sellers need to be thinking about now

Session 5: Buyers Assess the Market (Panel Discussion)

  • How buyers are changing their strategies during the COVID crisis
  • How buyers are sourcing their deals and keeping M&A targets in place during the pandemic
  • What buyers are seeing for the remainder of 2020 and 2021
  • What sectors and regions are of interest to buyers now

Session 6: Integration in a Time of Social Distancing (Panel Discussion)

  • How to bring firms together when working from home
  • How remote working impacts integration
  • What buyers are doing to leverage technology and communications to facilitate integration
  • How sellers are navigating the new normal while being the new kid on the block

Session 7: “All Skate” Q&A with the M&A Experts and Panelists

An opportunity to ask the questions that have not been covered earlier in the day or where you would like more detail and depth.


U.S. A/E M&A Symposium:
Deal-making in turbulent times

June 11, 2020

Select your sessions (recorded) ……. $49 each
Recordings will be available after June 11

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“One of the most educational programs for anyone considering M&A in their business.”

Ernesto Aguilar, CEO
Ardurra Group, Inc. (ENR #263)

“As an active buyer, the information presented by the Morrissey Goodale staff was invaluable data I can use today. A very productive event.”

Christopher Sherry, President
Merrick & Company (ENR #143), Greenwood Village, CO

“The overview of M&A Trends and presentations on Deal Pricing and Valuations, Deal Structuring, and Deal Closing were excellent. They provided great detail while still being entertaining. Excellent speakers!”

John Carrato, President and CEO
Alfred Benesch & Company (ENR #119)

“An especially unique event that features industry leaders who have a proven track record of success through M&A.”

Talin Espinoza, SVP of Strategic Growth
Twinning, Inc., Long Beach, CA

“The event provided a tremendously helpful orientation into the U.S. M&A market and climate. This is a highly beneficial event for A&E firms of all sizes.”

Kevin Goldstein, Managing Director