The Coronavirus Pandemic is moving fast. You need to move faster. We are here to help. Right now.

Morrissey Goodale has mobilized immediately to provide the A/E industry with Rapid Response Services that business owners and leaders need right now. We continually scan the industry and our vast networks to determine the greatest needs, and are developing tailored services to help. We have a deep bench of tremendously skilled and resourceful folks who are determined to help industry firms through this unprecedented crisis and prepare them for life after COVID-19. Morrissey Goodale’s Rapid Response Services include:

Remote Working Strategy & Coaching

Morrissey Goodale is here to help your firm make the transition to remote working by helping you identify and implement strategies for producing, managing, and leading at the highest level— from home. Our tailored consulting will help you produce:

  • Increased collaboration and quality deliverables
  • Better morale and reduced anxiety— for you and others
  • Effective leadership and management from screens and speakers

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Business Continuity Planning

Morrissey Goodale’s business experts have designed a two-phased planning process to help your firm navigate the pandemic and build a bridge to the new world when it finally arrives:

Solvency Planning
We will help you make grounded assessments and sound financial decisions to see your firm through the crisis.

Traction Planning
When the world starts up again, the landscape will look different than it did even a few short weeks ago. You will need to be ready to crank up your business machine in short order to serve your clients and fortify your firm.

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For immediate assistance, call Mark Goodale directly at 508.254.3914 or send an email to [email protected]

On-Demand Webinars

Working Remotely – The New Normal

Stafford Palmieri shares valuable strategies on how to keep you producing, managing, and leading at the highest level— from home.

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Emergency Business Planning

David Rabinovitz outlines what you need to do to stay solvent during these unprecedented times.

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Word on the Street

For the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic, Morrissey Goodale will provide A/E leaders with this free weekly bulletin to share real-time market and industry intelligence.