On-Demand Webinar: Emergency Business Planning

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With David Rabinovitz

The Coronavirus is moving fast. Your business decisions need to come even faster.  Sound decisions require planning to help you navigate market turbulence. Reacting without a plan or an understanding of how events and decisions could impact your business is a gamble you shouldn’t take. Don’t risk everything on this bi-generational challenge. It isn’t just how COVID-19 impacts your business, it’s about the impact on your customers, their funders, regulators and other officials.

Morrissey Goodale’s Coronavirus Emergency Business Planning Webinar outlines what you need to do to stay solvent during these unprecedented times.  Learn fast about:

  • “Burn rate” and how quickly it can change
  • Adjusting payroll without losing your staff
  • Dealing with furloughs

And much more…

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