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Morrissey Goodale exists to help your A/E business survive and thrive, whether it’s navigating today’s tumultuous change, setting the table for future success, or both.


Today, uncertainty is the only constant. We’re here to help you focus and stay one step ahead. Here’s how:

Short-Range Business Planning

We help establish annual and semi-annual business plans that prioritize the vitals. Broken into 90-day increments, these short-range business plans are designed to adapt to swiftly changing market and business conditions, helping your team shift to new ways of working that:

  • Identify and meet rapidly evolving client needs
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Identify current growth opportunities
  • Sustain or increase profitability
  • Continue to develop staff personally and professionally
  • Foster a healthy culture and build morale
  • Position for post-pandemic growth

Our Short-Range Business Planning components, listed below, can be delivered as a comprehensive package or selected à la carte. They include, but are not limited to:

Massive social and economic upheaval is transforming every market served by the A/E and environmental consulting industry. Our market intelligence team is expert at tracking and monitoring current market changes and anticipating future trends. We produce usable, easy-to-understand information that help your team to make grounded assessments and sound business decisions.

We help your team assess their strengths and develop tailored approaches to identifying opportunities in target markets, articulating value propositions, establishing winning pricing strategies, and more. “Fast-Track Sales Training”, an accelerated sales training program we designed to quickly develop critical closing skills for seller-doers, is also included in the module.

Whether it’s minimizing rework, reducing mistakes, or getting projects “unstuck”, the objective is to quickly scale up a sustainable methodology of management that builds on what your firm is already doing well and translates it to a remote environment where communication, accountability, employee engagement, and organizational health are deliberately fostered.

Whether it’s “burn rate” analysis, payroll adjustments, debt management, or vendor strategies, our team of financial analysts can help you understand what data you need and why, and how to interpret it so you understand your full range of alternatives and their implications to your firm.



The health crisis will pass. But a different world is already emerging. Morrissey Goodale can help you prepare for it.

Strategic Business Planning

Morrissey Goodale helps clients look beyond the crisis and apply focus and determination to the direction they want their firms to take. Our Strategic Business Planning process is tailored to help our clients better understand their firms and make strategic decisions that result in lasting competitive advantages. Our approach includes the following elements:

In our experience, time spent on strategic business planning is optimized when all members of the leadership team are appropriately prepared to move beyond their daily responsibilities, thinking more broadly and on a different time horizon than their day-to-day activities. The vast majority of A/E leaders view business issues from an operational or tactical perspective. They often don’t have the opportunity or training to practice strategic thinking on a regular basis. Differentiating between tactical and strategic thinking begins a thought process that helps leaders both recommend decisions that affect the firm as a whole and better understand the importance of a competitive advantage— a prerequisite for any firm that intends to be a going concern. Our first step in strategic business planning is to help leadership team members to distinguish between tactical and strategic thinking, and familiarize them with the with the components and specific process flow for their particular strategic planning initiative.

Morrissey Goodale compares your firm’s performance and business model against A/E industry benchmarks and best practices. We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis that includes discussing the firm in detail with company leaders, surveying staff, interviewing clients, and reviewing internal systems, processes, and procedures. We then distill all of this information into a comprehensive Management Audit Report that summarizes our findings and provides our observations, insights, and conclusions. The report helps leadership test their assumptions and serves as a platform for developing the firm’s strategic plan.

Helping leadership collectively describe a vision of what the company will look like at some point in the future is a bit of an art form. A/E firm leaders are extremely smart people who have diverse ideas and goals, and seldom agree 100% on just about anything. But when they invest themselves in talking and listening to each other, they are capable of looking beyond today’s uncertainty, painting an attractive picture of the future, and throwing everything they have into pursuing it as a collaborative team.

Once the vision is in place, we help our clients get down to the buisness of developing strategies, goals, and action items. We establish these building blocks in the value-producing areas of learning and growth, internal systems and processes, clients and market positioning, and financial performance. This balanced approach to developing the core elements of the strategic plan helps senior leaders and “risers” share in taking care of the concerns of the firm— i.e., sustainable use of the firms resources, delivering value to clients, making enough profit to pay for today and invest in tomorrow, and contributing to the greater good.

Morrissey Goodale assists clients in monthly and quarterly monitoring of their strategic business plans, and facilitates annual updates, as well. Monthly or quarterly check-ins are designed to monitor progress and determine whether strategic initiatives are producing the desired results, and if not, why not. During annual strategic planning reviews, the firm’s mission and vision are reaffirmed, strategies are reevaluated to confirm they are still fit for purpose, and new initiatives are developed for the upcoming 12 months.

To learn more about how Morrissey Goodale’s New Reality Business Planning Services can help your A/E or environmental consulting firm navigate today and thrive tomorrow:

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Morrissey Goodale’s business planning strategists leverage their deep AEC industry knowledge and experience to drive meaningful business results for client firms – from business model analysis through strategy planning and implementation.

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