Our VR/AR solutions are designed to help your firm navigate your New Reality

Social distancing. Remote working. Travel restrictions. These all make it harder for you to run your firm. VR and AR can help. VR and AR are powerful tools for A/E & Environmental leadership teams to navigate the New Reality. Here are just some of the ways our VR/AR solutions can help you through and beyond the pandemic.

• Frustrated that you cannot meet with your team in person? We create customized, fully immersive VR/AR environments that allow leadership teams to interact and collaborate like never before.

• Worried how you can maintain your company culture and build social capital when everyone is working from home? Use our VR/AR campus (or design your own!) to host fully immersive 3-D collaboration, engagement and learning experiences for your people – no matter what state (or country) they’re in.

• Concerned about how to engage with existing clients and onboard new ones? Bring clients into your branded VR/AR environment. Wow them by allowing them to see how their projects will look. Guide them through 3-D designs and solutions. Interactively brainstorm new ideas with them. Become their trusted advisor to help them navigate their New Reality.

• Hiring new talent and want to get a better read on how they will fit with your team? Zoom and Teams can only take you so far. Bring it to the next level. Meet with potential hires in your VR/AR environment. Connect with them. See them in action. Talk with them. It’s like you’re right there with them. Make a more informed decision about bringing them on board.

The possibilities for your firm with VR/AR are endless.  

VR/AR Trailblazer Packages

Want to explore the word of VR/AR? Let us be your guide.

CEO Trailblazer Package $2,500

Be the VR/AR trailblazer for your firm. Experience the power of VR/AR, see it in action and the applications for your firm.

CEO Trailblazer Package includes:

  • CEO Oculus headset and set up (the Oculus headset is yours to keep)
  • Two one-hour VR/AR coaching sessions at the Morrissey Goodale VRCampus (no need to travel its virtual!)
  • One-hour tour of VR/AR applications for your firm on the Morrissey Goodale VRCampus
  • Access to the Morrissey Goodale VR/AR CEO Community
  • 24/7 access to the Morrissey Goodale VRCampus

Leadership Team Trailblazer Package (starting at $10,000)*

With this package your leadership team explores the world of VR/AR together. Experience the technology with each other and brainstorm how to apply VR/AR at your firm.

Leadership Team Trailblazer Package includes:

  • Oculus headsets and set up for up to five executive team members (the Oculus headsets are yours to keep)
  • Two one-hour team VR/AR coaching sessions at the Morrissey Goodale VRCampus (no need to travel it’s virtual!)
  • One-hour tour of VR/AR applications for your firm on the Morrissey Goodale VRCampus
  • Access to the Morrissey Goodale VR/AR CEO Community (for CEOs only)
  • 24/7 access to the Morrissey Goodale VRCampus

*Should you wish to introduce more than five of your executive team to the VR/AR Leadership team Trailblazer package the additional investment is $2,500 per person.

Contact us now to discuss your goals and how we can help you.

Mick Morrissey, Managing Principal @ [email protected] or 508.380.1868
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Mark Goodale, Principal @ [email protected] or 508.254.3914

VR/AR CEO Events and Community

We host VR/AR learning and networking events for A/E & Environmental firm CEOs. We’ve designed these to provide a unique forum for CEOs to discuss industry trends, “issues of the day” and best practices.

Next VR/AR Event

Q1 2021 CEO Week – January 25 through 29, 2021

Start the new year like you mean to finish it – leaning successfully into your New Reality. Learn from your CEO peers how they are positioning their firms for success in 2021.  Make connections with CEOs from around the country that can help you be more successful. Renew old relationships and make new ones to make your CEO network more resilient. 

CEO Week consists of a series of 2.5 hour small group curated discussions with the option for one-on-one networking and large group discussions.

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VR/AR CEO Community

Once you participate in one of our VR/AR events or purchase one of our VR/AR Trailblazer packages you have access to the Morrissey Goodale VR/AR CEO Community. The Morrissey Goodale VRCampus and VRSpeakeasy are always available to CEOs to connect, renew acquaintances, make new ones, brainstorm, host a meeting, chill or collaborate.

For updates from the VR/AR CEO Community click here.

Here’s what attendees of our inaugural VR/AR CEO Week had to say:

"Morrissey Goodale has done it again! At a time where meeting with colleagues seemed impossible they delivered beyond all expectations with a mind blowing virtual reality experience! They found the perfect mix of great CEOs talking about real time challenges in an industry leading environment - hats off to the entire MG team for your progressive thinking and bringing us all together when we needed it most!"

Scott Cattran, CEO
Woolpert (ENR #72)

“I applaud the bold step of conceiving and planning out a virtual reality CEO conference. The advertisements of it caught my attention and made me curious. The “reality” of the VR conference was that it became a great nudge to me as a leader to remember to keep trying and contemplating new things. What at first seemed like a fun novelty, became a multi-day focus time for me of how to embrace and utilize VR for my leadership team and VHB as we continue to evolve our company to become the company we need to be for our people and our clients. A big THANK YOU to the MG Team!”

Mike Carragher, CEO
VHB (ENR #55)

"Use of virtual reality technology with the small group format resulted in highly engaged discussions between CEOs. Morrissey Goodale’s CEO Week was an outstanding and unique experience. I honestly overlooked the fact that we were not actually together because of the technology and format. Stay with it MG as you’ve found a creative way to challenge and benefit A/E/C leaders!"

Dean Niese, CEO
The Mannik & Smith Group (ENR #291)

"The Morrissey Goodale CEO Week VR conference is a great example adapting during COVID-19. While many conferences have provided value utilizing Zoom/Teams to connect people, MG took it to the next level and provided an experience that was much more meaningful in connecting CEOs while optimizing and sharing new technology. While it didn’t replace being in person, I believe it was the next best thing. Timely topics and great discussion amongst my peers."

Jason Poppen, CEO
HR Green (ENR #204)

"I have commented to our leadership team several times throughout this pandemic that the professionals at MG have really “upped their game” over the last 6 months. They have provided timely and insightful information to their clients and AE industry to help guide us into this new reality! The VR CEO week is just another example of how the MG team has opened my eyes to how my firm can be more successful in this new reality and how VR and other advanced technologies can be a part of our daily business activities. Well done MG team!!!"

Steve Lane, CEO
Smith Seckman Reid (ENR #198)

“I was skeptical at first with the Virtual Reality presentation format but it was actually a much better experience than I expected. It felt much more engaging than just staring at a screen on Zoom or Teams call. Thank you Morrissey Goodale for thinking out of the box and showing me an entirely new way of communication that was the next best thing to physically being in a room all together. Totally cool experience and look forward to the next one!”

Kevin Haney, President/CEO 
Maser Consulting P.A. (ENR #108)

"Simply put, VR unleashed a heightened level of collaboration and connection to share ideas and lessons learned. It’s like 'being there!'"

Matt Ryan, CEO 
S&ME (ENR #105)

"Excellent opportunity to share insights and planning with other industry leaders."

Frederik Riefkohl, President
CSA Group Program Management (ENR #28)

“Thank you Morrissey Goodale for an outstanding CEO Week event. It was the first time I have used Virtual Reality and I really enjoyed the experience. In the midst of a pandemic, MG made it happen! We were able to have impactful discussions among CEOs of several companies across the USA. We learned how our respective businesses were affected by the coronavirus. It was interesting to hear how other CEOs were handling the COVID 19 situation at both a personal and professional level. I’m looking forward to the next event. Congratulations to the Morrissey Goodale Team!”

Dave DeLizza, CEO
Pennoni (ENR #96)

"CEO Week has been a fantastic event for me. This unique forum has allowed me to have a somewhat shared experience with other peers, leaders and friends from throughout the industry. We’ve had rich discussions about the challenges and opportunities the current environment is creating within our firms and I’ve really had a chance to grow and learn from the others. Beyond the inspiring conversations, we’ve had a compelling immersion into the Virtual Reality experience to better understand how this technology may be utilized in our industry in the very near future."

Mike Munn, CEO
McAdams (ENR #355)

"Incredibly impactful event. Morrissey Goodale pushed way beyond the envelope with this VR event. If I had seen nothing but the VR technology, it would have been well worth it. But to sit in small virtual rooms with other amazing CEOs for facilitated discussions was quantum learning. What a great concept that was worth every second of participation."

John Kissinger, CEO
GRAEF (ENR #374)

"As we encourage our innovative RS&H project teams to explore and lean into emerging technology, Morrissey-Goodale’s virtual conference provided me a great opportunity to do just that alongside industry peers! The topics and discussion were insightful and the experience was further magnified by helping us to envision aspects of our potential future. Well worth the investment of time!"

David Sweeney, President
RS&H (ENR #48)

"The virtual reality was great. We could see everybody "face to face" and had a very good discussion with everyone able to participate."

Andy Platz, CEO
Mead & Hunt (ENR #111)

“The CEO Week was a great opportunity to interact in a meaningful manner with other CEOs. As a small business owner, I have found myself working in a bit of a vacuum with my team and my clients, without people to talk to about the bigger picture – this really filled that need for me. Also, the VR was great and I am already looking into it for my team, we are going to be on limited face-to-face for a long time, and I think that this will be a great way to stay connected.”

Holly Stone, President
Stone Security Engineering

“Morrissey Goodale and its team have notched it up during these unprecedented times. They introduced the CEOs to an exceptional experience and a look into the future of communication and collaboration. I commend the MG team for taking the initiative to get proficient at VR and taking the time to coach all the CEOs on the use of this technology. Flawless execution! Thank you.”

Sandeep Patil, CEO
CONSOR Engineers, LLC (ENR #125)

“I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly rewarded with a great CEO forum experience. Many of us are dealing with the same management issues, and attempting to dive into the VR/AR world was just one more thing that we could share our experiences about....while laughing a little at ourselves and our skillsets.”

Jonathan Kramer, President
OHM Advisors (ENR #245)

“I am glad that MG took a chance to pull this off and introduce me to VR and AR. It will be interesting to see where this technology goes in the future, and how it can help us work together without being together.”

Stewart Osgood, CEO 
DOWL (ENR #202)

Meet Our VR/AR Experts

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