Morrissey Goodale’s A/E Coronavirus Rapid Response Services


Helping your firm through the COVID-19 crisis, and finding traction when the world turns back on.

The Coronavirus is having a massive impact on life as we know it and the ripple effect is being felt throughout the AEC industry. Since the beginning of the crisis, 50% of A/E firms report a drop in work. In response, Morrissey Goodale’s business experts have designed a two-phased planning process to help your firm navigate the pandemic and build a bridge to the new world when it finally arrives:

Solvency Planning

We will help you make grounded assessments and sound financial decisions to see your firm through the crisis.  Short-range solvency planning includes:

  • “Burn rate” analysis
  • Expense analysis
  • Payroll adjustments
  • Furlough/reduced hours planning
  • Vendor strategies
  • Accelerated billings and collections procedures
  • Loan/relief approach
  • Staff communication plan
  • On-call coaching

Traction Planning

When the world starts up again, the landscape will look different than it did even a few short weeks ago. You will need to be ready to crank up your business machine in short order to serve your clients and fortify your firm. Traction planning includes:

  • Client and project re-engagement tactics
  • Staged payroll restoration
  • A/P ramp-up procedures
  • Debt management
  • Market positioning strategies
  • Phased training and development reboot


Meet David Rabinovitz— Morrissey Goodale Senior Financial Analyst

David has been a Principal Consultant with Morrissey Goodale since 2008. His specialty is finance and he is well-versed in every aspect of business management. David is incredibly resourceful which is why he leads our Bridge Business Planning services initiative for the A/E industry. He specializes in succession planning, ownership transition and expansion, deal structuring, mergers & acquisitions, shareholder issues, and business restructuring. While David has focused a good deal of his career in the A/E industry, he brings best practices from other industries, as well. For example, he spent over 20 years in the equipment finance industry and led the restructuring of a small media company. He has a very creative mind that lends itself well to the level of creative thinking and approaches to the issues we all face during this unprecedented economic period.



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