Get Ready for the New Reality

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The ongoing pandemic continues to transform our world at an astonishing pace. The A/E industry will face increasingly difficult challenges. But firms like yours will also have the opportunity to shape a better future like few other professions can. Join the A/E industry’s leading business experts, Mick Morrissey and Mark Goodale, as they discuss today’s uncertainty and the coming new age in this timely, insightful 60-minute webinar.


  • What A/E firm owners say about current performance and future prospects
  • The types of A/E companies that will survive, thrive, and sink— and why
  • How design and construction needs will change
  • The impacts to A/E firm succession plans
  • How the workforce and workplace will change
  • How to prepare your firm for a new dawn

Co-founders: Mark Goodale, Principal, and Mick Morrissey, Managing Principal

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